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"If you can dream it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney. Hey. My name's Miaread O'Sullivan. I'm a singer/songwriter trying to make it in this world. My inspiration is life and I love Taylor Swift and Miranda Kerr.

Anonymous asked: i heard you were asked to the ball :) who is he? do you like him?

Yeah I was asked. We’re just friends, plus it’s more of a group thing anyway. Are you Chloe by any chance?? 

i-the0neand0nly asked: your music is like the best study music ever! ive been listening to all your songs during my eng study and they are just amazing :)

aahhaha thanks Carl :)

Miaread O'Sullivan

—Remember Me - Redone

Song title: Remember Summer (And Me)  by: Miaread O’Sullivan. (original song). Capture our teenage years, remember them forever. 

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Miaread O'Sullivan

—Smart People

Smart People - Miaread O’Sullivan (original song). 

WHERE THE HELL DID THE SMART PEOPLE GO!? It’s election day and we’re trusting in stupid adults to vote for other stupid adults to be our government. =.= 

Miaread O'Sullivan

—Take It Away

Take It Away - Miaread O’Sullivan (original song). This is to all my friends and to everyone who ever feels sad, has self-harmed, has been suicidal or just needs a friend. I’m here and always will be. Keep shining, gorgeous. xx 

Anonymous asked: love the new cover!! <3 keep it up tawasaurusrex (t-rex :P ) :)

naww thanks carl :) 

Miaread O'Sullivan

—Innocent Taylor Swift cover

Innocent - Taylor Swift (cover)

Anonymous asked: TUNE YOUR GUITAR OMG


Anonymous asked: if you could list 5 of your bestest friends, who would they be?

Mia, Fi, Kiah, Mel, Amber. idk… 

Anonymous asked: hey tawasaurusrex, how does a lion like his meat??? :P

rawr :P

Anonymous asked: whos mia?

one of my friends…. so what’s ya name?

Miaread O'Sullivan

—souls a fire matt corby

Souls A’Fire - Matt Corby (really crappy cover but oh well :P )

Anonymous asked: if i dont know who you are irl, then you wouldnt know me XD

is this mia??? 

Anonymous asked: if i dont know who you are irl, then you wouldnt know me XD

hmmmm okay then. What’s ya name??

Anonymous asked: you don't know me :P

I’ll bet I do.